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Porsche 718 Spyder - Navigation and infotainment

Navigation and infotainment

Porsche Connect

On the race track or on the road: Porsche Connect expands the existing vehicle functions of the 718 Spyder with additional functions and apps. All designed to make the connection between driver and car even closer. To improve Porsche fascination. And to overcome the challenges of everyday life, fast and simply. You can also do without the audio and communication system, if you want. When the way there is your destination you don’t need a navigation system.

Porsche Connect

Porsche Communication Management (PCM)

Porsche Communication Management (PCM) is your central control centre for audio and communication. The latest generation features a high-resolution 7˝ touchscreen display which can be used to control many of the vehicle functions. On the move, you can enjoy your favourite music via the CD/DVD drive, SD cards, internal 10GB hard drive (jukebox), the AUX input or the USB connection, for your iPhone®, for example. Or you can simply listen to the radio.

Smartphone apps

Porsche Connect also offers two smartphone apps. The PCM Connect App allows you to send destinations to your Porsche before you start your journey. As soon as your smartphone has connected to PCM, you will be able to display these in the vehicle and start route guidance directly. Even your smartphone calendar can be viewed directly on PCM and stored addresses used for navigation. What’s more, the PCM Connect App gives you access to millions of music tracks thanks to its built-in music streaming function.

The Porsche Track Precision app** with a fully optimised interface that is even easier and more intuitive to use enables your detailed driving stats to be displayed, logged and analysed on your smartphone. On the race track, the app visualises dynamic performance and, in addition to sector and lap times, also shows how the current lap compares with a defined reference lap. Recorded stats, circuit and driver profiles can be managed and shared directly from your smartphone.

Visit to discover more about the available apps and services. The range of Porsche Connect services is regularly expanded.

** The Porsche Track Precision app is available for all Boxster, Cayman and 911 models, as well as for all GT cars with model improvements from CW45/2016. The Porsche Communication Management (PCM) version 4.0, as well as the equipment options Connect Plus and Sport Chrono Package are required to use the app. App usage permitted on private land only. Operation of this product (including the video feature in particular) could be prohibited by laws or regulations in specific markets or events. Before any use of this product, please check that this is permitted under local laws and regulations.

Apple® CarPlay

The Apple® CarPlay function enables you to connect your iPhone® to your Porsche and have certain apps shown directly on the central display screen of Porsche Communication Management (PCM). With the Siri® voice recognition interface, you can conveniently use your apps on the move while keeping your full concentration on the road.

Sound PackagePlus

The Sound Package Plus ensures an excellent sound. The acoustic pattern in the vehicle interior is perfectly adapted to the driver and passengers by the amplifiers integrated into PCM.

BOSE® Surround Sound System

The optional BOSE® Surround Sound system has been specially developed for the 718 models and is optimally tuned to the specific interior acoustics of these particular vehicles. The audio system features 10 loudspeakers and amplifier channels including a patented, 100-watt active subwoofer integral to the vehicle bodyshell. This fully active system set-up enables each individual loudspeaker to be optimally adapted to the vehicle interior. The total output: 505 watts. Should you ever want to drown out the resonant sound of the engine. For whatever reason.

Burmester® High-End Surround Sound System

For even greater listening pleasure: the optional Burmester® High-End Surround Sound System. With a total output of 821 watts and 12 individually controlled loudspeakers, including a 300-watt active subwoofer with class D digital amplifier integrated into the body, it provides a unique sound experience – even with an open hood. Sophisticated high-end audio components, e.g. special ribbon tweeters (air motion transformers, AMT), and a total diaphragm surface area of more than 1,340cm² enable precision playback even at very high sound levels. A wide selection of preset equalisers ensures a first-class audio experience, while a sound conditioner based on microphone technology adapts the sound sensitively and in real time to the driving situation.

Porsche Navigation and infotainment - 718 Spyder concept

718 Spyder concept

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Porsche Navigation and infotainment - Navigation and infotainment

Navigation and infotainment

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