Chassis 718 Spyder

Porsche 718 Spyder - Chassis


Drifting gently through. Floating along the road on a cloud. A leather armchair on four wheels. To be frank: the 718 Spyder is nothing like that.

The adaptive GT sports suspension of the 718 Spyder is designed so that you experience every centimetre of road as directly as possible. And master every corner. Thanks to the wide toe angle, the streamlined tuning of the shock absorbers and the lowered body, every journey is a wild ride.

The lightweight spring-strut axle at the front is designed in typical GT style, the lightweight spring-strut axle at the rear is adjusted to the high performance of the 718 Spyder with additional reinforcements and springs as well as specific wheel mounts. Ball joints on both axles also connect the chassis to the body in a particularly streamlined way, enabling an even more precise wheel control. Height, camber, toe angle and the anti-roll bars of the chassis can be adjusted individually. The 718 Spyder doesn’t just remain true to the track. It also remains true to your adrenaline levels – at the next mountain race for example.

Dynamic transmission mounts

The electrically regulated system minimises perceptible oscillations and the vibration of the entire drivetrain, in particular the engine. It also adjusts the damping force and stiffness to the driving style and road surface conditions. So that the benefits of a hard and a soft engine mounting arrangement can be used. The handling is noticeably more stable and precise during load changes and in fast corners. At the same time, the vertical oscillations of the engine are reduced during acceleration under full load. The results are greater and more uniform drive force at the rear axle, increased traction and faster acceleration. Whenever a less assertive driving style is adopted, the dynamic transmission mounts soften to provide a heightened level of comfort.

Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM)

This variable damping system offers continuous adjustment of the damping force on each wheel based on the current driving situation and your driving style. At the push of a button, you can choose between two sporty programmes: Normal mode for sporty driving on public roads and Sport mode for maximum lateral acceleration and the best possible traction on the race track. The body is also lowered by 30mm for a low vehicle centre of gravity. As a result, the pitch and roll are reduced for increased dynamic performance and extraordinary longitudinal and lateral acceleration. The crazy thing: long-distance comfort isn’t ignored either.

Porsche Stability Management (PSM)

PSM is an automatic control system for maintaining stability at the limits of dynamic driving performance. In addition to the anti-lock braking system (ABS), it includes Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Traction Control (TC). Sensors continuously monitor the direction, speed, yaw velocity and lateral acceleration of the car. Using this information, PSM is able to calculate the actual direction of travel and initiate strategic braking of individual wheels to stop you from deviating from your intended line. What’s special about the 718 Spyder? The sporty tuning with extremely sensitive and accurate regular systems interventions. And systems that can be switched off completely in two stages – a feature previously reserved for the GT models.

Porsche Chassis - 718 Spyder concept

718 Spyder concept

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