Porsche - Repair expertise

Repair expertise

In the best hands

A Porsche is unlike any other car. Which is why service at Porsche is unlike any other service. Our technicians are committed to the crest and everything it stands for. Just as your Porsche is the result of over 70 years of sports car development, so our technicians’ knowledge and skills come from decades of experience. With every Porsche innovation come new ways of maintaining it. Which means new information, new tools and new training for our technicians. So they are always perfectly prepared. Always correctly equipped. Always ready to take that little bit extra care, and be that little bit more precise.

That’s why your Official Porsche Centre is where your Porsche will be in the best hands. It’s the only place you can expect people who care about your Porsche as much as you do. And who get as much pleasure from servicing and maintaining your Porsche as you do from driving it.

Porsche - More know-how per kw/h
More know-how per kw/h

Porsche Centre E-Performance Servicing

E-Performance sets new standards in e-mobility. For example, using an innovative high-voltage lithium-ion battery allows individual modules to be changed instead of completely replacing the battery – saving money and resources.

This technology requires radical competencies, new diagnosis and repair methods and advanced skills in the Service department. Technicians trained in high-voltage, using special tools, work at every Porsche Centre. They have expertise in all electric and electronic components in the vehicle, the plug-in hybrid technology, electronic engine management and charging infrastructures.

Personal E-Performance advice

Alongside the development of a growing nationwide charging network, Porsche offers E-Performance customers important information on charging infrastructure.

Your Porsche Centre has the know-how, technology and passion to make your Porsche fit for the future.

Porsche - Efficient, effective Dynamic Repair
Efficient, effective Dynamic Repair

Repairing a Porsche and maintaining the integrity of its unique characteristics demands expertise, the right materials and tools, and technicians’ skills. Dynamic Repair offers all this, quickly and cost-effectively, for a wide range of minor repairs.

Glass repair

Stone chip damage can happen very quickly, but you can only drive safely with good visibility. Glass repair prevents any cracks in the windscreen from spreading and the screen from shattering. We'll be happy to advise what type of stone chip can be repaired.

Paint and dent repair

It's not always possible to engage in active sport without suffering a few knocks and scratches. But at Porsche, the ‘healing process’ can be accelerated. Dynamic Repair techniques often make it possible to treat damaged areas without removing a part.

Alloy wheel treatment

Alloy wheels are visually appealing. But unfortunately, they're not only exposed to admiring glances, but often also to considerable wear, sharp stones and kerbs. Minor abrasions and surface damage can usually be repaired. Simply ask our professional on-site technical staff for advice.

Interior cosmetics

Why should interior wear and tear spoil your driving pleasure? We can almost completely restore a range of damage, such as abrasions, scratches, pen marks, etc. As well as most stains, large or small. We guarantee abrasion resistance and excellent quality.