Porsche - Maintenance, Wear & Tear

Maintenance, Wear & Tear

Keeping your Porsche special

The way we take care of your Porsche is as carefully thought out and put together as your Porsche itself. In other words: perfectly. Only Porsche engineers truly know and understand how Porsche components wear, when Porsche consumable fluids need changing, and when your Porsche’s engine needs a complete service. That’s why they are able to recommend service intervals and even specify the best fluids, tyres and other parts for optimum performance of your vehicle. When your Porsche leaves the factory, it’s perfectly engineered. Only your Official Porsche Centre has the skill, experience and expertise to keep it that way.

Superior servicing with no surprise

For optimum safety and performance your Porsche needs regular maintenance. With no hidden costs and the use of standard labour times across all of Australia and worldwide, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your Porsche gets the best in overall value. Value matched only by our ultimate maintenance precision.
By maintaining your service history through the Official Porsche Network, you’re ensuring highest performance of your Porsche, optimal re-sale value and continued Porsche Assistance.

Your Porsche Service Consultant can advise you of the requirements based upon your vehicle’s age and mileage. They’ll also tailor a mobility option to suit your needs. It’s all part of the professional service you can expect from Porsche.

Porsche Service and Maintenance Plans

Service documents

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Flowing performance

Prepared for wear and tear

Maintaining Porsche performance and driving pleasure means regular replacement of wear and tear parts. Safe braking, for example, demands replacement of brake pads at the recommended intervals, or sooner if they have reached their wear limits. Replacing wear and tear items with only Porsche Genuine Parts will ensure longer life and peak performance – always.

Porsche - Maintenance, Wear & TearPorsche - Maintenance, Wear & TearPorsche - Maintenance, Wear & Tear

The right oil for your Porsche

The high-performance engine in your Porsche demands a high-performance engine oil. That's why your Porsche engine comes with fully-synthetic Mobil 1 from the factory. For improved performance, less wear, lower fuel consumption and longer engine life, Porsche recommends the use of superior engine oil from Mobil 1.