FAQ Porsche Impact

FAQ Porsche Impact

1. How can I provide Porsche feedback on Porsche Impact?

Send an e-mail to impact@porsche.digital. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback and to improving Porsche Impact.

2. What is Porsche Impact?

Porsche Impact is a pilot project developed by Porsche Digital and Porsche AG. The initiative aims to offer our customers the opportunity to offset the CO₂ emissions from driving their vehicle by directly funding a certified offsetting project. We at Porsche lead by example and offset the emissions of our internal fleet by collaborating with a leading developer of international emission-reduction projects: South Pole. We are now also providing Porsche drivers the opportunity to offset their vehicles’ carbon emissions. Based on the desired mileage and the individual consumption, the emission calculator estimates the CO₂ emissions as well as the respective offsetting value. Porsche drivers can then select an offsetting project in which they can invest the calculated amount.

3. How does Porsche Impact work?

On a voluntary basis, Porsche drivers can estimate their CO₂ emissions as well as the respective offsetting value. The estimated value can be invested in protecting critical Australian biodiversity by supporting the Mount Sandy Conservation Project. While offsetting into the Mount Sandy project, you are also supporting renewable energy projects in Asia.

4. In which countries is Porsche Impact available?

Porsche Impact is available in the US, Australia, Germany, UK, Canada, Poland, Singapore and several other South-East-Asia countries.

5. Why is a sportscar manufacturer conducting a project in the context of CO₂ offsetting?

Porsche aims to prevent and reduce CO₂ emissions along the entire value chain. By doing so, Porsche considers the full development process, including the supply chain, the production as well as the vehicles. Besides the performance, the reduction of consumption and emissions have always been the core of vehicle development. Now with Porsche Impact, it is also possible to neutralise the individual CO₂ emissions based on the specific mileage and the individual consumption. The initiative builds a bridge between today and a carbon neutral future.

6. What does Porsche contribute with respect to Porsche Impact?

Porsche offsets the emissions of their internal fleet, which includes the ex-factory motorsport vehicles. Further market-specific offsetting activities make an additional contribution. Porsche invests in the same project that is offered to the drivers.

7. Does Porsche earn any money in the course of Porsche Impact?

No, Porsche does not make any money with Porsche Impact. The Porsche drivers transfers the investment directly to South Pole.

8. Who is the partner South Pole?

South Pole is a leading provider of global sustainability financing solutions and services, with over 250 experts in 18 global offices. For more than a decade, South Pole has worked with a wide range of public, private and civil sector organisations to accelerate the transition to a climate-smart society. The company’s expertise covers funding of projects and technology, data and advisory on sustainability risks and opportunities, as well as the development of environmental commodities such as carbon and renewable energy credits. South Pole has mobilised climate-finance to over 700 projects in emissions reduction, renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable land-use.

9. What kind of offsetting projects are part of Porsche Impact?

In collaboration with the partner South Pole, Porsche has pre-selected different offsetting projects around the world. Those projects are certified by international standards and have different focuses, e.g. forest protection. The projects also support local communities by investing in education, health, and the local economic development. The project we selected in Australia is part of South Pole's EcoAustralia credits. EcoAustralia credits is a stapled carbon credit solution, pioneered by South Pole in partnership with Australian biodiversity protection organisation, Cassinia Environmental. EcoAustralia credits guarantee the permanent protection and improvement of Australia's remaining high quality native vegetation. While protecting critical Australian biodiversity by supporting the Mount Sandy Conservation Project, you are also offsetting emissions by supporting renewable energy projects in Asia.

10. Why are there no European-based projects available as part of Porsche Impact?

In general, there are no European-based projects that are certified by international approved standards available. Since Porsche Impact focuses on certified projects, European-based projects are not offered.

11. What is an offsetting standard?

The pre-selected offsetting projects are certified by international approved standards “Gold Standard” and “Verified Carbon Standard” (VCS). The “Gold Standard” was developed by the environmental organisation WWF, whereas VCS was initiated by the non-profit organisation Verra. Those quality standards assure an environmental compliant development of the projects. On top of that, independent third party providers verify and review the projects on a six month basis. The Australian project is part of South Pole’s EcoAustralia credits. They blend state government-accredited biodiversity protection in Australia with high quality Gold Standard certified international carbon credits.

12. How are the emissions calculated?

The emissions are estimated based on the desired mileage and the individual consumption. By using the consumption your individual driving behaviour is considered.

13. How can I stay in touch with Porsche Impact?

You can receive updates about the selected offsetting project by indicating it in the course of the payment on South Pole’s payment page. You will then receive updates about the project progress every 6 months.

14. What kind of data is required to finalise the offsetting process?

Once you press the ”Offset Emissions” button, you will be forwarded to South Pole, the chosen offsetting partner. To complete the process you will need to enter your personal data and choose the method of payment at South Pole's Impact form.