Porsche Classic ORIGINALE 01

201601P61 Tiptronic gear selector lever cable Part no. 94442603305 968 (1992–1995) Gear lever Part no. 91442401603 914/6 (1970–1972) 911 F (1965–1973) Throttle linkage Part no. 356 23020 356 (1950–1959) Clutch cable guide Part no. 644 23209 356 (1950–1959) Bodyshell Trim frame half, left Part no. 64454191106 Trim frame half, right Part no. 64454191206 The trim frame half in chrome look means that even the wind- screen can be given an elegant, eye-catching touch. 356 (1960–1965) Grille Part no. 99355941100 This product highlight impresses with its authentic design: the black protective grille for the front air intake of the heating/ ventilation system between the cowl panel and the luggage compartment lid. 911 G (1978–1989) 964 (1989–1994) 993 (1994–1998) Heating cover Part no. 99357240300 This black plastic cover is optimally matched and neatly conceals the heating system in the luggage compartment. 964 (1989–1994) 993 (1994–1998) Fan Part no. 96462403501 The fan for the air conditioning condenser helps to keep the entire air conditioning system working at optimum efficiency. 964 (1989–1994) 993 (1994–1998) Right armrest with handle Part no. PCG55504223 Left armrest with handle Part no. PCG55504123 Thanks to the development of new tools, Porsche Classic is making the right armrest with handle and left without handle available once more. A remake of the original, with only minor differences in the surface finish. 911 F (1969–1973)