Porsche Classic ORIGINALE 01

201601P56 Switch housing without cruise control Part no. 91161332800 Switch housing without cruise control. Reissued set with top and bottom sections for enclosing the wiper and direction indicator switch on the steering column. Designed for optimum accuracy of fit and identical to the original in appearance. 911 G (1974–1989) Front axle / steering Wishbone top right Part no. 92834102837 Wishbone top left Part no. 92834102737 For the perfect handling of your classic car: the reissued and particularly robust top right wishbone for the front axle. 928 (1986–1995) Sports steering wheel in black leather (without airbag) Part no. 968347084008YR Practically a Porsche Classic in itself: the 36-cm diameter three- spoke sports steering wheel in black leather embossed with the Porsche Crest. 944 (1986–1991) 968 (1992–1995) 964 (1989–1990) Level control unit Part no. 95935861501 A highly complex component for the technology flagship of the 1980s: the level control unit for the 959 chassis. It requires specialist know-how to manufac- ture this component, which is why it is available as a genuine part exclusively from Porsche Classic. 959 (1987–1988) Shock absorber Part no. PCG34350100 The shock absorber for the front axle. 356 (1950–1955) Bearing bush Part no. 644 41103 356 (1956–1965) Spacer ring Part no. 69534110801 356 (1963–1965) Hexagon-head screw M10x17 Part no. 90007503701 356 (1956–1960) Strut Part no. 93034103102 911 G (1975–1989; Turbo only) Strut Part no. 91134103101 911 G (1974–1989; excluding Turbo)