Porsche Driver's Selection

7 911 Collection 911 Carrera 4S fuel consumption [in l/100km]: urban 11.1 · extra urban 7.8 · combined 9.0; CO₂ emissions: combined 206g/km The new products of the 911 Collection take the iconic design language of the 911 and interpret it in sporty, elegant looks for men and women. The puristic design features restrained branding, enabling the collection to be optimally combined and suitable for everyday wear. The fabrics are supplemented with two new chronographs, an exclusive model vehicle set, espresso cups and the latest collector's mug. Couplets such as ‘classic and trendy’ or ‘athletic and elegant’ are not contradictory for a Porsche 911. They are aspects of the multi­ faceted personality which has made the pulse of sports car enthusiasts around the world race for over 50 years. 911 Collection