Product Catalogue 03 | 2019

Whether it’s a limited-edition collector’s item or an extraordinary designer piece – every Porsche Driver’s Selection product not only meets the highest standards in terms of technology, materials and workmanship, but is also infused with palpable sports car passion. Porsche Driver’s Selection is all about playing out the fascination of Porsche both on the road and far beyond. With its wide selection of products, it provides you with countless ways in which to turn your passion for sports cars into a Porsche lifestyle. For example, with the diverse fashion collections that combine sporty cuts and ingenious designs with the flair of Porsche legends. With charming accessories for home and office, with high-tech sports equipment for reaching your personal best, or with model vehicles that are identical to the cars they are based on, right down to the smallest detail. Porsche Driver’s Selection Watches Luggage Home and Office Children Sport Model cars Accessories Porsche Originals Glasses Clothing