Porsche Driver's Selection

117 #Porsche Collection The latest pieces in the collection are based on the Porsche 928. In 1978, the transaxle model was selected as the first and, to date, the only sports car to be named Car of the Year – primarily because it set new standards in terms of performance and safety. Today, the 928 is celebrating its outright comeback and its retro charm is gaining a growing fan base among the younger generation. The #Porsche Collection is now rekindling the passion for this cult model – with a fan belt-look lanyard, sweat jacket, baseball cap and the latest collector’s T-shirt. If you want to set new standards you need one thing above all: the courage to break with convention and implement your ideas. Progress can only happen when people question the status quo and break out of their normal limits. That’s how it is with the #Porsche Collection that impresses with exceptional products, intelligent features and casual designs. The branding is often only apparent at a second glance. #Porsche Collection