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Air suspension Macan S

Porsche Macan S - Air suspension

Air suspension

For a high level of comfort and tremendous dynamic performance, you have the option of an air suspension including PASM. With this setup, the car is 15 mm lower than with the steel spring suspension. The effect? Improved aerodynamics. The self-leveling function helps to keep the ride height constant.

A ride-height adjustment capability enables you to switch the ground clearance to three levels: Terrain Level, Normal Level and Low Level. At Terrain Level, the car is 40 mm above Normal Level; at Low Level, 10 mm below it. Loading Level is especially practical: from Normal Level, the rear end of the body lowers 40 mm to make it easier to load the car. This function is operated by means of a button in the luggage compartment.

Optional for all Macan models.