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Porsche - Super Sport

Super Sport

Super Sport
Two day course for advanced participants

Designed to meet the challenges of motorsport, some vehicles are simply made for the track – these include models like the Carrera GT, 911 GT3, GT3 RS, GT2 and GT2 RS, as well as any other similar road legal racecars.

Super Sport training is dedicated to further improving advanced driver skills and the driving dynamics of these models. However, before you go in search of the racing line in one of these powerful athletes, you should get to know your vehicle in greater depth. The course is perfect for ambitious sports car drivers, ideally those who have already gained experience from other courses at the Porsche Sport Driving School or the world of motorsport.


In small groups under the guidance of experienced racing instructors, you will learn how to steer correctly when cornering and how to use the accelerator and brake pedal to optimum effect. Video and data recordings are analysed to help you hone your driving skills further. To ensure optimum vehicle stability and performance during circuit driving, you should adapt your driving style to make it as clean as possible.

In addition to the technical capabilities of the vehicle and advanced vehicle control techniques, the physical constitution of the driver is an important factor on the road to success. This training course therefore also deals with the ‘Porsche Human Performance’ factor in detail. A fitness coach spends time with each participant and provides individual tips and advice on how you can further improve your condition when driving with straightforward exercises that can be performed anywhere.

Course duration: two days
Prior training level: Performance recommended
Vehicle: own vehicle or Porsche hire car
Training venue: racetrack
Training objectives: Optimizing your dynamic driving skills on the circuit in GT models
Next level up: Master, Master RS and special courses

Training content

  • Finding and following the racing line
  • Efficient use of all electronic stability control systems
  • Video-based driving style assessment
  • Advanced lapping
  • Minimising unwanted load-changing reactions

You are interested in further information about our Super Sport offer? Then please send us an E-mail: info@porschesportdrivingschool.de

Porsche - Super Sport