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g-Force Precision

Two day course for first time participant

Does your vehicle have an electronic stability control system? On the two day g-Force Precision training, you discover how to safely transfer the power and dynamics of your vehicle to the road – with no intervention from electronic aids.


In the theory session, you learn the physical principles of dynamic cornering and how to regain control if the car threatens to oversteer. You then get to put what you have learned into practice out on the track and in various sections, largely to minimise wear and tear, on smooth surfaces with different friction coefficients. Guided by our experienced instructors, you will be introduced to the high art of vehicle control, drift after drift.


Whether you wish to simply enhance your command of the vehicle and learn how to avoid oversteer or to perfect your controlled drift throughout a sequence of bends, both demand a precise interplay of steering, accelerating and braking. In short: practice, practice, and yet more practice.

In a series of sections, you therefore focus on specific driving skills in order to further improve your vehicle control. You learn how to use and perfect the load-changing reactions for dynamic driving, thereby maintaining control in any scenario. The second day of the course offers plenty of opportunity to complete full laps of the circuit, enabling you to practise extensively in certain sections and refine your style with every lap.

This course will provide you with all the knowledge you require to move to the next level up, g-Force Performance training.

Course duration: two days
Prior training level: Precision recommended
Vehicle: own vehicle or Porsche hire car
Training venue: proving ground
Training objectives: The basics of dynamic driving in critical situations (‘maintaining stability in instable scenarios’)
Next level up: g-Force Performance, Performance and special courses

Training content

  • Improving your vehicle control
  • How to handle a vehicle that is threatening to oversteer on various surfaces
  • Using load-changing reactions
  • Intentionally or unintentionally inducing oversteer (drift)
  • Simulation of extreme driving conditions, both with and without a stability control system

You are interested in further information about our g-Force Precision offer? Then please send us an E-mail: info@porschesportdrivingschool.de