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Porsche - Classic-Cars


Classic Cars
One day course for first time and advanced participants

Discover how it felt to drive back in the good old days. Designed for sports drivers and the devoted owners of Porsche 993 models or pre-1995 models of other makes, our Classic Cars training brings vintage motor enthusiasts and experts together for a very special event: one whole day full of classic design, automotive passion and, naturally, plenty of driving pleasure. In short: a day full of emotion. During the training, you learn how to confidently handle your vehicle – with no intervention at all from modern safety systems such as ABS, PSM, powerassisted steering or traction control.


The courses are usually held on legendary racetracks on which racing history has been written. You are accompanied right from the start by Porsche instructors who are as passionate about classic sports cars as you. Some true greats from the world of motorsport will also join us as ‘guest instructors’.


Each sequence of corners that has been so fiercely contested in numerous races is explained to you in great detail – and then you get to try them out for yourself. The course is designed to help you gradually explore the performance potential of your classic sports car, step by step and lap after lap. Naturally, our instructors are on hand at all times with tips and advice to ensure that your valuable vintage is not put under too much strain.

Expert guidance, spending time with other like-minded individuals, the opportunity to share experiences and maximum driving pleasure are the cornerstones of this one day course. Participants must complete the training in their own vehicles.

Course duration: one day
Prior training level: none
Vehicle: own vehicle (Porsche vehicles up to 993 model or pre-1995 models of other makes)
Training venue: racetrack
Training objectives: exploring the performance potential of your classic car
Next level up: Performance and special courses

Training content

  • Steering and vision control
  • Finding and following the racing line
  • Efficient use of all electronic stability control systems
  • Video-based driving style assessment
  • Advanced lapping
  • Minimising unwanted load-changing reactions
  • Tips on the optimum use of the relevant vehicle concepts and technologies

You are interested in further information about our Classic Cars offer? Then please send us an E-mail: info@porschesportdrivingschool.de

Porsche - Classic-Cars
Porsche - Classic-Cars