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Porsche - Master RS (racing licence)

Master RS (racing licence)

Master RS (racing licence)
Two day course for advanced participants

Participation in the Master RS (racing licence) training at the Porsche Sport Driving School is your ticket to the world of national motor racing. It covers motorsportoriented aspects such as race etiquette, racing flags and racing attire.

The ‘Porsche Human Performance’ factor is now an established part of our Master RS training at Porsche Leipzig. Our experienced fitness coach shows you the exercises that will help prepare you for the typical demands of motorsport. The driving programme includes identifying and following the racing line, precision braking and controlled acceleration out of a bend. Special attention is also given to safe overtaking manoeuvres and performing ‘standing’ and ‘flying’ starts. When driving laps, you should be able to find the optimum line over the entire course. To maximise learning, at the training courses in Leipzig, for example, your performance on the FIA-compliant circuit will be recorded on video and analysed in the group.


Experienced racing professionals and instructors who have been specially certified by the German Motor Sport Association (DMSB) are on hand to reveal some of the tricks of the trade. The team also includes a guest instructor from the world of professional racing or a Porsche works driver.

As the content of the training has been approved by the DMSB, participants who have successfully completed the course can apply to the DMSB for the national A licence* and continue to develop their racing skills – your ticket for entry into the world of Porsche customer racing.

* Available to German residents only.

Course duration: two days
Prior training level: Performance
Vehicle: own vehicle or Porsche hire car
Training venue: racetrack
Training objectives: basic skills for entry into the world of motorsport and optimising your vehicle control on the racetrack
Next level up: special courses or transition to customer racing

Training content

  • Finding and following the racing line
  • Efficient use of all electronic stability control systems
  • Video-based driving style assessment
  • Advanced lapping
  • Minimising unwanted load-changing reactions
  • Standing and flying starts
  • Theoretical basics of motorsport incl. test by German Motor Sport Association (DMSB)

You are interested in further information about our Master offer? Then please send us an E-mail: info@porschesportdrivingschool.de

Porsche - Master RS (racing licence)