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Porsche - Master


Two day course for advanced participants

Have you already completed several training coures at the Porsche Sport Driving School and simply cannot get enough? Have you qualified for entry into the world of motorsport, but prefer to continue honing your skills with other experienced participants? Then our Master training is perfect for you. This course demands the highest possible level of driving expertise. Included in the programme, professional guidance from a Porsche works driver and our instructors. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that we recommend participation in equally highperformance vehicles.


You are already an accomplished driver, so we don’t need to cover the basics. Instead, we can focus on showing you how to drive more independently and quickly find your way around the track without the aid of cones and instructors. Naturally, this also includes identifying and following the racing line. You’ll also discover how this can be developed still further.


Training is conducted in small groups and performance is analysed using video and data recordings. You’ll also have plenty of time out on the track to put what you’ve learned into practice and continue to improve your skills – you’ll even receive one-to-one guidance on some laps of the circuit.

In addition, a workshop covering both theoretical and practical aspects will teach you all you need to know about the chassis and tyres to enable you to transfer the power of your vehicle to the road in the most efficient way. Another highlight: the passenger rides in a Cup race taxi (subject to availability).

Course duration: two days
Prior training level: Performance
Vehicle: own vehicle or Porsche hire car
Training venue: racetrack
Training objectives: optimising the skills required in motor racing
Next level up: Master RS and special courses

Training content

  • Following the racing line quickly and independently
  • Developing alternative racing lines
  • Individual laps with one-to-one coaching
  • Video-based driving style assessment and data analysis
  • Influence of chassis and tyres on road-going vehicles
  • Overtaking safely on the circuit

You are interested in further information about our Master offer? Then please send us an E-mail: info@porschesportdrivingschool.de

Porsche - Master
Porsche - Master