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Porsche - Eco-friendly Driving

Eco-friendly Driving

Protecting the environment in the most direct and efficient way.

Alongside outstanding driving dynamics, safety and quality, one of the key objectives in our vehicle development process is environmental compatibility. At Porsche, the responsible use of raw materials has always been high on our list of specifications for each and every model.

It is also a critical factor in terms of ensuring that our cars continue to secure racing victories. After all, only those who are able to manage their resources carefully can achieve long-term success.

Porsche engineers are continually developing the lightweight construction and reducing fuel consumption through the use of highly efficient engines and transmission systems.

This is demonstrated by a convincing example on the track: since 2010, the Porsche GT3 R Hybrid has shown that the future of motorsport is inextricably linked to the future of our environment. On the road, the Panamera S Hybrid and Cayenne S Hybrid provide clear evidence of our dedication to environmental compatibility – and driving pleasure – in series production.

The training courses offered by the Porsche Sport Driving School teach you how to use environmentally friendly technologies effectively, without detracting from the overall driving experience.

Vision and knowledge of the available options play as important a role in this respect as they do in terms of driving safety.

Drive with foresight and avoid unnecessary acceleration phases and subsequent braking manoeuvres. Also avoid short spurts of acceleration, maintaining a consistent speed throughout your journey to reduce fuel consumption.

Learn how to use the technological innovations on your vehicle such as Porsche VarioCam Plus or direct fuel injection properly for the benefit of the environment – while still enjoying the performance of your Porsche to the full.

Discover how to achieve the best engine efficiency by selecting the correct engine speed and pedal position. The optimum flexibility of Porsche engines enables you to accelerate in high gear and to use high gears even when you are driving at constant or low speeds. This significantly reduces the revs per minute and fuel consumption.

We therefore advise you to take advantage of the engine’s braking power by downshifting when braking. The deceleration fuel cut-off on your Porsche engine will then reduce the fuel supply to zero. This enables you to drive in a more foresighted and efficient way.

You’ll learn these and many more tips at the Porsche Sport Driving School, and our courses will also show you how to put these into practice for a safer, more exhilarating and eco-friendly driving experience.