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Porsche - Accompanying persons

Accompanying persons

The best spot for a spectator:
the passenger seat.

Every driver training event at the Porsche Sport Driving School is a true experience. One that you may wish to share with another person. As a registered participant, you have the option of also registering an accompanying person for the training course. They may take part in theory sessions and section training, as well as on guided drives as a passenger. They can also make full use of our catering services throughout the event.

Unfortunately, accompanying persons are not permitted to travel as passengers when participants are completing full laps of the circuit. Certain age restrictions also apply to accompanying persons: children over 12 years of age may take part in section training and guided drives in the participant’s vehicle at our Warm-up and Precision events. However, another adult must be present to supervise children up to 16 years of age while the participant is completing full laps of the circuit. Unfortunately, Porsche Sport Driving School staff are unable to provide supervision. For all other training levels, the minimum age for accompanying persons is 18 years.

Accompanying persons

  • for Warm-up and Precision training: minimum age 12 years.
  • for all other training levels and special courses: minimum age 18 years.


One day course: 150 €
Two day course: 300 €