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January - March

Replacement of Carbon Handlebar Pre-Structure on Porsche BikesUpgrade of Porsche Mountain Bikes

Stuttgart. Porsche AG is replacing the carbon handelbar structure on 2,540 Porsche S, FS and FS Evolution mountain bikes manufactured between August 1998 and July 2001 and delivered to customers the world over. The handlebar pre-structure measures approximately 5 cm or 2 1/2" in length and connects the handlebar itself with the front wheel fork.

The existing handlebar pre-structure may possibly break on the mountain bikes involved due to a deficiency in the production process. To exclude this risk, all connection pieces made of carbon are being replaced by an aluminium handlebar pre-structure.

The carbon saddle support is also being replaced by an aluminium unit on 521 of these mountain bikes. This is required only on the FS Evolution model built between August 1997 and July 1999, where the lower section of the saddle support clamp may fail to rest properly on the saddle support head. This exerts a certain load on the saddle support head while riding, possibly making the head crack and ultimately suffer a fracture.

Porsche AG knows the vast majority of owners of the mountain bikes concerned and will inform these customers in writing. Customers will therefore be requested to have the necesary work on their bikes carried out by their Porsche Dealer.

GO 2004-02-04