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Porsche - Transsyberia 2008

Transsyberia 2008

Porsche Cars Great Britain will once again enter the gruelling Rallye Transsyberia in 2008. This is the second year that a UK team will participate in the event with the Cayenne S Transsyberia. The team will begin this extraordinary journey from Red Square in Moscow on July 11, to drive more than 4300 miles, crossing the Ural and Altai Mountains, and passing the Gobi desert to finish in Ulaanbaatar – the capital city of Mongolia – on July 25.

The Porsche Cars Great Britain Cayenne S Transsyberia was the first to reach Mongolia in the 2007 Rallye, and has been further modified for 2008. The conversion kit on the Cayenne Transsyberia 2008 is mainly concentrated upon improving the off-road capabilities and optimising the suspension set-up. This includes a stronger sump–guard, and front and rear panel modifications to allow a larger approach and departure angle when driving up and down slopes. The Cayenne Transsyberia is also now fitted with new specification off-road tyres – BFGoodrich 265/65 R18.

Following a successful finish in the rally last year by journalist, Richard Meaden, and Porsche Driving Experience instructor, Neil Hopkinson, this year Porsche Cars Great Britain will be represented by professional rally driver, Martin Rowe, who will be joined by fellow rally driver and automotive engineer, Richard Tuthill, as co-driver and navigator.

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