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Dynamic gearbox mounts

Dynamic gearbox mounts

Dynamic gearbox mounts

Dynamic gearbox mounts are included as part of the optional Sport Chrono Package. They are designed to enhance both performance and comfort.

The electronically controlled system minimises the oscillations and vibrations of the entire drivetrain, especially the engine.

The gearbox is bolted to the body by two mounts. Like any mass, it obeys the law of inertia. This means that it will continue moving in a uniformly straight line unless some force causes it to change direction.

Put more simply: when you are driving into a bend, the vehicle will follow your steering but, at first, the mass of the drivetrain will not. This means that the rear of the vehicle will ultimately be pushed outwards as a result of the drivetrain’s force of inertia.

Dynamic gearbox mounts minimise this effect. Steering angle and both longitudinal and lateral acceleration are constantly recorded by sensors. The stiffness and damping performance of the gearbox mounts adapt to changes in driving style and road surface conditions, which is achieved by use of a fluid with magnetic properties.

This results in greater traction, perceptibly more stable handling under load change conditions and in fast corners and, in conjunction with the ‘Launch Control’ function for example, extremely fast acceleration.

Using the SPORT or SPORT PLUS button you can switch the dynamic gearbox mounts from ‘Normal’ to ‘Sport’ or ‘Performance’ mode and intensify your driving pleasure.

In conjunction with optional PCM, the G-Force graphic on the TFT screen in the right-hand circular instrument enables you to view the lateral and longitudinal forces as they act on the vehicle.