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Part detective, part archivist: successful extension of the spare parts rangeSpare parts range

As a result of painstaking but frequently successful detective work at Porsche Classic, owners of classic Porsche models are now able to obtain more and more genuine spare parts from Porsche Classic. Today, the worldwide product range is more extensive than ever before. Last year alone, 150 long-unavailable genuine parts were relaunched to close possible supply gaps.

For two years, the experts at Porsche Classic have been working more intensively than ever on ensuring and extending the parts supply. A challenging mission. And one that is driven directly by the customers telling Porsche Classic what they need, either at motor shows or through specific surveys and inquiries. That’s when the really challenging part of procurement starts: a mixture of detective work and archiving work. The specialists at Porsche Classic identify the previous suppliers using the original part numbers. Since the parts in question are often 30 years old and more, these suppliers may no longer be around. Some will have disappeared due to closure, sale or insolvency of business, which makes the search for parts and more specifically original tooling even harder.

Even where suppliers are still working with Porsche, some have no record in their systems of ever having manufactured the old parts. Suppliers’ stores and archives can often be a real gold mine in cases like these; here we find parts still in their original packaging or old tools that are then cleaned, repaired if necessary and tested to ensure their functional integrity.

In this way, Porsche Classic secures residual stocks and tools that are subsequently given to an old or new supplier for recommissioning. A constant process of searching, finding and revival. The highest priority is given to parts that are needed to keep classic Porsche models on the road. However the experts also include parts that have more to do with loving care and maintenance of a treasured vehicle, such as floor mats or old-style first-aid kits. “Our aim”, says Porsche Classic, “is to keep closing the gaps in the spare parts range”.