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Porsche - The Endurance of Ideas
Porsche - The Endurance of Ideas
Porsche - The Endurance of Ideas

The Endurance of Ideas


1994 Ferry Porsche on its 85th birthday in the Porsche type
356 "No. 1"

“The last car ever to be built will be a sports car.” – Ferry Porsche

The creed of Ferry Porsche has been our mission for more than 60 years. A mission that we are still on in 2015. After two years of preparation we returned in 2014 with a newly expanded family. Returning to Le Mans and the top level racing. And with a racing car conceived solely for this mission: the Porsche 919 Hybrid. In 2014, it was the emergent sports car of tomorrow, a carbonized incarnation of that what we represent.

For over 60 years, the path to every Porsche production vehicle has first led to the race track. We are never content to rest on our own laurels, not even in 2015. Then, we always blaze our own trail. We always believe in our ideas, fight for our principles. We never blindly follow trends, never allow ourselves to become complacent. For everything that we learn at the race track helps further our mission of developing the sports car of tomorrow. This persistence, whereby each idea is nurtured in a lasting and untiring way, is what has defined us since our very beginning. The evidence of this can be seen in over 30,000 racing victories, the fruit of tireless participation in various racing classes and in one-make series. But most especially, this determination is sensed day in, day out on the highways and byways of the world. In every single production vehicle that leaves our assembly line. Today, and in future. For this reason, in 2015 we are once more not only taking a voyage, but also undertaking a mission.

And the unassailable tenet that has accompanied us since day one – “The Endurance of Ideas”– will ride with us this year, once again, in each and every racing car.


Porsche 917 KH Coupé and Porsche 919 Hybrid on the test track in Weissach.

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