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Porsche - Die Produktion der Karosserie- und Leichtbauteile

Body and Lightweight Parts

The optimum adaptation to the body is an essential aspect for the Porsche quality. Even the second skin has to fit like a glove. It's about a millimeter.

Due to extensive measures, the experts at Porsche Classic have managed to achieve significant quality improvements with manufacturing fenders and side panels for the Porsche 911 (model years 1965-1994). This way it became possible to republish the thin sheet metal parts of the legendary 911 Carrera RS 2.7, of which only a total of 1,580 copies were produced in 1972 and 1973.

In order to improve the dimensional accuracy of the parts sustainably and thereby facilitate adaptation to the vehicle, Porsche Classic redefined each production step. The original series tools have been redesigned and optimized. New testing devices are used in order to prove the dimensional stability. For example, each of the 30 fender variations has been installed for a try-out on a vehicle or on a testing device. In addition, each process step - including the elaborate handwork on the surface finish – is documented to ensure a constant quality.

In terms of maintaining the value of the collectors' vehicles Porsche Classic sets a mark once again - in the most literal sense. Because the newly launched Porsche Classic Genuine Parts can be identified by the Porsche trademark.

Production of Original Porsche Body Parts Production of Original Porsche Lightweight Parts