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The specially designed track incorporates six elements; Handling Circuit, Straights, Kick Plate, Ice Hill, Low Friction and Off-Road circuits.

With a total length of nearly 5km, the track has been designed to enable it to be split into separate areas that can be used independently of each other or connected together to form a longer handling circuit. This offers a variety of track configurations and surface conditions on which the potential of Porsche cars can be explored and understood.

This environment enables visitors to be instructed through a variety of different situations in wet and dry conditions, as well as simulating ice and snow driving with the use of specially constructed surfaces. Importantly, our low friction surfaces allow dynamic manoeuvre with low wear and tear, meaning that tyre wear on the Porsche Track is almost negligible.

Explore the Porsche Tracks - Handling Circuit Handling Circuit Explore the Porsche Tracks - The Straights The Straights Explore the Porsche Tracks - Ice Hill Ice Hill Explore the Porsche Tracks - Kick Plate Kick Plate Explore the Porsche Tracks - Low Friction Low Friction Explore the Porsche Tracks - Off-Road Off-Road

The Driving Experiences are designed to focus on a particular type of driving, model of Porsche or driving environment. Whether you are looking to attain new skills, polish up some old ones or just have a great time driving we can help find the right course for you. The Driving Experiences are all undertaken in one of our Porsche vehicles prepared to the highest standards.

The aim of the Driving Experience is to improve your driving skills on an ongoing basis, enabling you to drive more safely and deal more effectively with hazards on the road. Some of our courses are more focused on motorsport, from the basic fundamentals to professional driving skills. The courses are clearly structured and build on knowledge from the previous level – each level must be completed in turn before graduating to the next.

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Porsche Driving Experience Courses