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Porsche - Instructors


Racing drivers, test drivers, engineers
In other words: our instructors.

Our instructors are Porsche enthusiasts – just like you. And they have many years of experience, not just through their work with the Porsche Sport Driving School. They are the people who develop, test and drive these vehicles every day. Racing drivers, test drivers and engineers working in Porsche vehicle development, for instance, who are among those lucky people whose hobby has become their profession. As such, they bring with them a great deal of passion for the Porsche marque. A passion that they are happy to pass on. Behind the wheel of a Porsche. At a number of circuits on which we offer training. Always with the same goal in mind: helping you to learn how to control your Porsche better. And enabling you to accurately assess each phase of any driving scenario and respond accordingly. During the training course, there will usually be two instructors per group. Each section is preceded by instructions from the experts and while you are busy perfecting your driving skills, each and every one of your exercises is being monitored. This not only guarantees your safety, but also optimum learning achievement. Upon request, we can naturallly provide you with your very own personal instructor devoted entirely to you with his wealth of expertise. In short: one-to-one support. Just the way you would want it. Upon request, we can provide you with your very own personal instructor offering one-to-one support. Reliable, personal, professional and dedicated exclusively to you. Just the way you would want it. Details of how to request this service and further information can be found here