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Tequipment Highlights. Porsche care products

Care products from Porsche Tequipment

You didn’t entertain the idea of compromise when you chose your car. So why start now?

Car-care case Cabriolet\Coupé
Aluminium case containing high-quality car-care products specially approved for your Porsche. Includes shampoo, wax, glass cleaner, leather cleaner and conditioner, convertible top conditioner and a selection of other accessories. All products are available separately.


Wheel cleaning kit
Cleaning fluid and brush set for alloy wheels. Cleaning fluid also available separately as a refill.


Microfibre cleaning cloths
Pack of three microfibre cloths enabling the PCM touchscreen and other delicate interior surfaces to be cleaned safely and efficiently.


For further product information and part numbers, please refer to the Tequipment price list.