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Porsche - Gran Premio d'Italia, Monza, ITA

Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup 2014
Round 8: 05.-07.09.2014 - FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO D´ITALIA 2014, Monza

The circuit

Since 10 September 2011, Italy’s Alessandro Balzan is the man who set the fastest Supercup lap in history. During qualifying, he achieved an average speed of 188.461 km/h, and topped Briton Nick Tandy’s average of last year by 0.565 km/h.

Finale Furioso: Heading towards Variante Rettifilo the 911 GT3 Cup reaches the highest speed of the year at around 275 km/h. Before braking for Variante Ascari and Parabolica they’re pushing more than 260 km/h.

Race Statistics:
Year Pole Position Fastest Lap Winner
2013 N. Thiim (DEN)
1:51.208 Min.
K. Estre (FRA)
1:52.207 Min.
N. Thiim (DEN)
1:52.362 Min.
N. Siedler (AUT)
1:51.050 Min.
N. Siedler (AUT)
1:52.005 Min.
R. Rast (GER)
1:52.217 Min.
2011 A. Balzan (ITA)
1:50.658 min.
188,461 km/h
K. Estre (FRA)
1:51.708 min.
186,690 km/h
K.Estre (FRA)
165,072 km/h
2010 Nicholas Tandy (GBR)
1:50.991 Min.
Angelo Proietti (ITA)
1:52.765 Min.
Nicholas Tandy (GBR)
2009 René Rast (GER)
1:52.484 Min.
René Rast (GER)
1:54.043 Min.

Jeroen Bleekemolen (NED)

2008 René Rast (GER)
2:07.695 Min.
Jan Seyffarth(GER)
1:57.502 Min.

Nicolas Armindo (FRA)

2007  Damien Faulkner (IRL)
1:51.884 Min.
Richard Westbrook (GBR)
1:53.135 Min.

Damien Faulkner (IRL)

2006 Richard Lietz (AUT)
1:51.660 min.
Uwe Alzen (GER)
1:52.623 min.

Uwe Alzen (GER)

2005 David Saelens (BEL)
1:53.375 min.
Uwe Alzen (GER)
1:55.123 min.

Patrick Huisman (NED)

2004 Wolf Henzler (GER)
1:53.510 min.
Mike Rockenfeller (MON)
2:08.135 min.

Jörg Hardt (GER)

2003 Mike Rockenfeller (GER)
1:54.840 min.
Patrick Long (USA)
1:55.184 min.

Frank Stippler (GER)

2002 Marco Werner (GER)
1:55.956 min.
Emmanuel Collard (FRA)
1:56.289 min.

Marco Werner (GER)

2001 Jörg Bergmeister (GER)
1:55.982 min.
Sascha Maassen (BEL)
1:56.628 min.

Jörg Bergmeister (GER)

1998 Stephane Ortelli (MON)
1:53.712 min.
Ralf Kelleners (GER)
1:54.458 min.

Patrick Huisman (NED)

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