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E-Mobility Services Panamera S E-Hybrid

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid - E-Mobility Services

E-Mobility Services

E-Mobility Services* are part of the optional Porsche Car Connect. They enable you to call up all the important information about your Panamera S E-Hybrid remotely via a smartphone app, for example remaining charge time, battery charge status or a visual depiction of electric range.

You can also set a charge timer with customisable charging times.

You can now even control the air conditioning of your Panamera S E-Hybrid from your smartphone as desired. In this way, it is possible to heat or cool the interior in advance of any journey – with the vehicle stationary and the combustion engine switched off. Thanks to E-Mobility Services and your smartphone, you can also locate your Panamera S E-Hybrid at any time from any place.

* Not available in all countries.