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Cayenne Turbo


Understatement coupled with clear statements: lower fuel consumption, faster acceleration.* Supreme engineering that speaks for itself. In short, everything you’d expect from a Turbo.

Another clear statement is the distinctive sound from the twin dual-tube tailpipes. Produced by the 4.8-litre...

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Exterior Design

The contours of the front section draw the eye, reflecting the car’s excellent dynamics at first glance. The elongated bonnet is clearly reminiscent of Porsche racecars from the 1960s. The front wheel arches are extremely well defined, while the ‘power-domed’ bonnet further underlines the sheer...

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Interior Design

As on every Porsche, the interior of the Cayenne is designed around the driver, combining sporting style with the very highest standards of ergonomics, comfort and quality.

Particularly striking features include the way the centre console rises to meet the dashboard – clearly inspired by the Carrera...

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