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Airbags Boxster

Porsche Boxster - Airbags


To protect the driver and passenger, the Boxster models are equipped with full-size airbags, which are inflated in two stages depending on the severity and type of accident (e.g. frontal or offset frontal). In less serious accidents, the airbags are only partially inflated, thereby minimising discomfort to the occupants.

In addition to the central airbag control unit on the transmission tunnel, a pair of impact sensors is located near the headlights. This allows a crash to be detected and evaluated far sooner and with considerably greater accuracy.

Porsche Side Impact Protection System (POSIP)

The Boxster models are equipped as standard with the Porsche Side Impact Protection System (POSIP). It comprises two side airbags on each side. An integral thorax airbag is located in the outer side bolster of each seat, while the door panels each contain an upwards-inflating head airbag. Each thorax airbag has a volume of 10 litres and each head airbag 15 litres, ensuring excellent protection in the event of a side impact, even with the hood open. POSIP additionally includes steel side impact protection elements in the doors.