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Porsche Enhances Websites for the RegionNow more interactive and user-friendly for users

The Porsche website (www.porsche.com) has recently been given a new layout, making it easier for Porsche enthusiasts to navigate to their preferred country sites using the country selector.

In addition, the websites of the markets in the Asia Pacific region, namely Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Caledonia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand, have been relaunched, now with additional content and enhanced in-teractivity and user-friendliness.

Individual country sites
Each country website includes not only information on Porsche as a company, its history and heritage, lifestyle products, Porsche motorsport and the detailed information on the entire model range, but also relevant content specific to the market specifically tailored for local us-ers. This includes local importer and dealer information, new car prices plus inventory, after sales and financial services, as well as news and events. All information can be easily ac-cessed from the home page of each country site, providing users with ease of navigation.

For China, Korea and Taiwan, Porsche has made their country sites available in both English and their respective local languages - simplified Chinese, Korean and traditional Chinese. Users in Thailand, whose site is currently available in English, will have the option to select Thai shortly.

More interactivity has been incorporated into each country site with the addition of features such as the Porsche Approval Used Car Locator and the Porsche Car Configurator. While the former is available for all markets except China, the latter is currently only available for Hong Kong and Singapore, with Korea and Taiwan to follow suit in the near future.

Porsche employed the use of specially-developed webspecials to promote new Porsche models, highlight their exciting and cutting-edge features using sight and sound, and allowing users to ‘explore’ the models in detail. Presently, the new Cayenne, Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo are featured in a highly interactive webspecials which can be accessed from every country site.

The Porsche Car Configurator
Already available on the Singapore and Hong Kong websites is the Porsche Car Configurator. The Porsche Car Configurator offers users the chance to configure their dream Porsche. A step-by-step guide allows users to perform the configuration easily: first selecting their pre-ferred Porsche model and exterior colours, and then customising it by choosing from the many options offered, ranging from interior colours to wheels and equipment options. Most of these options when selected can be visualised in the Porsche Car Configurator.

Users can view both the exterior and the interior of the car from all angles. The Car Configurator even offers feasibility checks on the options selected and highlights non-feasible or incompatible options that users might have chosen together. A total price, comprising of both the base car price and total option price, is also shown in the Car Configurator. Users can either print out their configured Porsche and bring it to their local Porsche dealer or retrieve the saved configuration at the Porsche dealer, where the sales consultants can help make their dream car a reality.

The Porsche Approved Used Car Locator
With almost 70 per cent of all Porsches ever made still being driven today, Porsche truly un-derstands that the passion for this car transcends time. Hence the introduction of the Por-sche Approved Used Car Locator within all country sites in the Asia Pacific region, which helps Porsche enthusiasts find their dream Porsches from years gone by. This provides users with everything they need to know about the Porsche Approved Used Cars programme such as event news, dealer & service info and the availability of used Porsches in their re-spective countries.

Christer Ekberg, Managing Director of Porsche Asia Pacific said that the revamped country sites provide customers across the region with significantly more up-to-date information, from local pricing on a newly launched model to the contact details of Porsche dealers in each country. “With enhancements that include the Porsche Car Configurator, users will be able to configure their dream car from the comfort of their own home, while Porsche collectors can browse the Porsche Approved Used Car Locator to find their long sought-after Porsche clas-sic. We expect these improvements to the country sites to bring us closer to our customers as these virtual showrooms are now open 24 hours, 7 days a week.”