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Information on Porsche in Singapore

Curious about what the Porsche experience in Singapore is like?

Then catch up with the latest news through our press releases and articles on the grand events Porsche has organised for you. Otherwise, you can download the Porsche News Brochure and read about new model launches and other exclusive events, also coordinated by Porsche Club Singapore.

Whether you already own a Porsche or just simply are curious about our cars, please check out the new cars currently available in Singapore or visit the Porsche showroom. Alternatively, our Approved Used Cars locator will assist you in searching for your dream pre-owned Porsche offered at a lower ownership cost but with the quality of the car never being compromised.

Want more?

One of the perks of being a Porsche owner is not just the cars but the services that we provide to ensure that you enjoy your driving experience to the fullest. Information on personalizing your car so that it reflects your individual personality and taste can be found in the After Sales section.

We believe in making dreams come true and provide you with the essentials to lead a Porsche lifestyle. For all our enthusiasts and fans we have accessories inspired by the brand and designed for everyday use, all available at the Driver's Selection by Porsche Design. Alongside with your shopping, have also a look at the benefits and privileges you can enjoy with the Financial Services we offer.

Porsche enthusiasts in Singapore enjoy regular activities ranging from motoring to social and charity events within the official Porsche Club Singapore.

We look forward to shaping your Porsche experience in Singapore into a unique and rewarding one.