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Exterior design Macan S Diesel

Porsche Macan S Diesel - Exterior design

Exterior design

The hood stretches through to the wheel arches, lending the front a broad and powerful presence. This extraordinary styling element is also a reminder of the legendary Porsche 917, a winner of countless races in its time – including the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The side profile is distinctly Porsche. From this angle, the front end resembles a predator waiting to pounce. The roof line slopes distinctively down towards the rear, drawing the customary sports car contour – our designers call it the Porsche flyline. The side blades are striking, with a design that pays homage to the futuristic 918 Spyder super sports car and makes the doors appear narrower, the flanks much sleeker and even sportier. It is available in carbon fibre, painted in the respective exterior colour or in Lava Black.

In sizes of up to 21 inches, the wheels are also testament to the high standards that can be achieved in car design.

The rear end, slender at the top, widening into broad shoulders above the rear wheels – a homage to the 911 Sports car. The styling of the hatch – without handle and attached licence plate – shows off the line of the cast-moulded rear. The narrow LED taillights have three-dimensional proportions, which give them an extraordinary appearance of depth – another inspiration by the 918 Spyder. Sporty genes are obviously dominant in this hereditary line.