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Porsche Communication Management (PCM) Cayman S

Porsche Communication Management (PCM)

Porsche Communication Management (PCM)

PCM is your central information and communication system. It is powerful and multifunctional, yet easy to operate. The main feature is the intuitive seven-inch touchscreen. Alternatively, you can choose to operate PCM using conventional rotary pushbutton controls.

Radio functions include up to 42 memory presets and an FM dual tuner with RDS diversity, which continuously scans in the background for the best signal, and a dynamic autostore.

The CD/DVD drive plays CDs and audio DVDs and is MP3-compatible.

Fitted in the glove compartment as standard, the universal audio interface (USB) enables you to connect and even charge your iPod® or any other compatible audio source of your choice. The iPod® or a USB stick can be operated conveniently and safely via PCM, the optional multifunction steering wheel or the optional voice control system.

By means of the USB socket, it is also possible to download data from the performance display of the Sport Chrono Package, as well as data from the electronic logbook. In the opposite direction, you can transfer up to 10,000 tracks in MP3 format to the internal hard drive of PCM and create your own jukebox. Playback of recognised podcast and audiobook formats is supported and cover art is displayed.

The navigation module of PCM with high-speed hard drive allows you to choose between a 2D display and a 3D perspective. In some regions, even buildings can be displayed in 3D as well as terrain with satellite image overlay. Split screen mode enables you to view two functions at once, such as the current navigation map and a list of symbols that represent the next navigation instruction.

The navigation module also features dynamic route guidance, which recalculates the route in response to official traffic messages (TMC) and information from traffic flow sensors (TMC Pro**).

Electronic logbook

An electronic logbook is available for PCM as an option. It automatically logs the mileage, route distance, date, time, starting location and destination for every journey. After downloading your logbooks from PCM via the USB or Bluetooth® interface, you can evaluate the data on your home PC using the software supplied. The software fulfils all statutory requirements for automatic logbooks as specified by the German revenue authorities.

TV tuner***

The optional TV tuner is capable of receiving unencrypted analogue and digital television broadcasts (DVB-T) to provide entertainment between journeys. For your safety, the TV picture is switched off while the car is in motion.

Voice control system

You’re not afraid to say what you want. That’s why almost all of the functions of PCM can be controlled using the optional voice control system with word-by-word input. In the majority of cases, you can simply say the name of the menu item as seen on the screen. The voice control system accepts coherent whole address input of navigation destinations, phonebook entries or radio station names. It is also possible to scroll through lists by voice command.

Sound Package Plus

For discerning ears, the optionally available Sound Package Plus offers an enhanced sound experience with nine speakers and a total output of 235 watts. You can adjust sound characteristics to your preference using the CDR audio system or optional Porsche Communication Management (PCM).

** TMC Pro available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

*** For receiving digital TV signals (DVB-T and MPEG-2 encoded signals) where available.