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Konsept Cayman 211 hk

Porsche Cayman 211 hk - Idea


There are some laws that we simply cannot avoid. The laws of physics, for example. That’s not to say that we have to accept them. Of course, we could refuse to respect them and we could choose to ignore them. On the other hand, we could study them, test them and redefine their limits. This is...

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Porsche Cayman 211 hk - Engineering Cayman

Engineering Cayman

The new Cayman is equipped with a completely newly developed 2.7-litre boxer engine and the Cayman S is driven by a 3.4-litre variant, both of which are tuned for sporty driving. Accelerator pedal inputs are translated directly into propulsion. Maximum torque is available over a broad engine speed...

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Porsche Cayman 211 hk - Exterior


Character, profile and a clear point of view. These values have been encoded in the Cayman genes since the very beginning. Aesthetically, they have evolved to find a precisely styled expression defined by sculpted lines and edges, narrow wheel arches, short overhangs, taut proportions and a sleek...

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Porsche Cayman 211 hk - Interior


Creating an uncompromising sports car takes conviction. Giving it an unmistakable design takes flair. Driving a car like this takes both – as well as an interior that helps the driver to concentrate on the essentials.

In the new Cayman, this has been made possible by a newly developed and clearly...

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