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Instruments Cayman 211 hk

Porsche Cayman 211 hk - Instruments


Forward thrust is measured by your heart rate. Or it can be displayed in numbers. The three circular instruments give you all the information you need. The rev counter with digital speedometer is positioned in the centre. In the Cayman S, the dial face is aluminium-coloured; in the Cayman, it is finished in minimalist black. The instrument on the left contains the analogue speedometer with digital trip meter and total distance display.

A new feature of the right-hand circular instrument is the high-resolution 4.6-inch TFT colour screen. It provides you with a continuous stream of data from the on-board computer, reminds you of your selected communication and audio settings, enables you to customise vehicle settings, delivers various warnings, including alerts from the optional Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM) system, and, in conjunction with optional PCM, displays information from the navigation system.