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Lights Boxster

Porsche Boxster - Lights
Model shown: Boxster S


Lights will always be an essential safety feature, but we go one step further by using them as part of an extraordinary styling concept.

Clear glass halogen headlights are fitted as standard on the Boxster. The Boxster S is equipped as standard with Bi-Xenon headlights. On both models, LED daytime running lights and position lights are housed in a separate auxiliary light unit above the outer air intakes. LEDs provide powerful illumination, respond extremely rapidly to driver input, offer a longer service life and have an unmistakable appearance.

LED technology opens up entirely new possibilities for designers. Not only are LEDs capable of fulfilling all the functions of the imposing taillights and third brake light, they are integral to safety and create a look that is unmistakable, day and night.

Bi-Xenon headlights including Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS)

Why should independence be enjoyed only at night? The optional Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS), which comprises Bi-Xenon headlights with halogen main-beam headlights, a head- light cleaning system and automatic dynamic range control, provides uniform illumination of the road whether dipped or main beam is selected.

The dynamic cornering light function swivels the main headlights towards the inside of a bend based on steering angle and road speed. In addition, PDLS adapts light distribution to suit your current driving speed. The adverse weather function is activated when the rear fog light is switched on. The result is increased safety – not least in corners and not only at night.

Automatic headlight activation

In the Boxster models, automatic headlight activation is available as standard. The system automatically switches between daytime running lights and dipped beam based on ambient lighting conditions.

Porsche Lights - Idea


Porsche Lights - Engineering Boxster

Engineering Boxster

Porsche Lights - Exterior


Porsche Lights - Interior


Porsche Lights - Performance


Porsche Lights - Boxer engines

Boxer engines

Porsche Lights - Efficiency


Porsche Lights - Coasting


Porsche Lights - Manual gearbox

Manual gearbox

Porsche Lights - Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)

Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)

Porsche Lights - Exhaust system

Exhaust system

Porsche Lights - Resonance intake manifold

Resonance intake manifold

Porsche Lights - Direct fuel injection (DFI)

Direct fuel injection (DFI)

Porsche Lights - VarioCam Plus

VarioCam Plus

Porsche Lights - Integrated dry-sump lubrication

Integrated dry-sump lubrication

Porsche Lights - Engine management

Engine management

Porsche Lights - Axle concept

Axle concept

Porsche Lights - Sport Chrono Package

Sport Chrono Package

Porsche Lights - Dynamic gearbox mounts

Dynamic gearbox mounts

Porsche Lights - Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV)

Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV)

Porsche Lights - Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM)

Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM)

Porsche Lights - Wheels + TPM

Wheels + TPM

Porsche Lights - Braking system

Braking system

Porsche Lights - Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB)

Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB)

Porsche Lights - Lights


Porsche Lights - Porsche Stability Management (PSM)

Porsche Stability Management (PSM)

Porsche Lights - Airbags


Porsche Lights - Roll-over protection

Roll-over protection

Porsche Lights - Engineered body design

Engineered body design

Porsche Lights - Anti-theft protection

Anti-theft protection

Porsche Lights - Interior


Porsche Lights - Porsche Communication Management (PCM)

Porsche Communication Management (PCM)

Porsche Lights - Burmester® High-End Surround Sound-System

Burmester® High-End Surround Sound-System

Porsche Lights - BOSE® Surround Sound System

BOSE® Surround Sound System

Porsche Lights - Steering wheels

Steering wheels

Porsche Lights - Instruments


Porsche Lights - Seats


Porsche Lights - Leather package

Leather package

Porsche Lights - Air conditioning system

Air conditioning system

Porsche Lights - Universal audio interface

Universal audio interface

Porsche Lights - Mobile phone / Bluetooth® connection

Mobile phone / Bluetooth® connection

Porsche Lights - CDR audio system

CDR audio system

Porsche Lights - Additional Features

Additional Features

Porsche Lights - Hood


Porsche Lights - Exhaust emission control

Exhaust emission control

Porsche Lights - Recycling


Porsche Lights - Fuel