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Interior Boxster

Porsche Boxster - Interior


The interior of the Boxster models delivers exactly what the exterior promises. Light, uncluttered and defined; everything is conceived with one goal in mind: the perfect drive.

The power, the contouring, the driver’s vision, indeed the entire concept, are all drawn in the direction of travel. The intelligent operating concept and the logical arrangement of the controls keep the driver’s concentration purely on the road. The ascending centre console cocoons the driver perfectly and reduces the distance from the steering wheel to the gear lever for fast and ergonomic gearshifts. It’s just one of many principles that we’ve transferred from the racetrack to the road.

The door styling is similarly dynamic. The door pulls mirror the lines of the centre console and blend seamlessly into the distinctive design. The door storage compartments are sweeping and practical.

As you would expect from a sports car, the driver sits low down. Sports seats are fitted as standard. The athletic proportions of the Boxster models made it possible to introduce a new interior architecture. The result is a feeling of space and light without compromising the authentic roadster experience.

Are you ready to assert your independence? The ignition lock, as ever, is on the left. The three-spoke sports steering wheel falls perfectly to hand. As is typical of a Boxster, there are three circular dashboard instruments. The instrument on the right is now a 4.6-inch TFT screen that shows information from the on-board computer or audio information from the CDR audio system, which is fitted as standard. An inconspicuous shroud shades the instruments for optimum visibility.

The steering wheel rim, gear lever/selector and door pull inlays are finished in tactile leather. Silver-coloured details add to the refined tone; these include the dashboard trim strip, the side and centre air vent surrounds and the centre console. As an option, the sporty elegance of the Boxster models can be further enhanced with a comprehensive suite of interior trims and upholsteries.