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Exterior Boxster 211 hk

Porsche - Exterior


We have redefined the Boxster in terms of its performance, and defined how the roadster of the future should look. In doing so, we have once again succeeded in creating an icon of independence. Just like its legendary predecessors, including the 550 Spyder, it is a Porsche that continues to epitomise the feeling of genuine freedom and advancement.

The vertical contour of the headlights was inherited from Porsche race cars of the 1960s and 1970s. The Boxster may be infused with the genes of past generations, but it ushers in a new and forward-looking design ethos.

Large, imposing air intakes give the front a powerful appearance.

The side contour promises thrilling performance, while the long wheelbase and low, raked windscreen are integral to forming the stretched, wedge-shaped silhouette. With the hood closed, this impression is reinforced by the extremely sporting roofline. Large wheels, up to 20 inches in size, make a stylish addition to the classic roadster. These emphasise the car’s wide track and help to achieve a completely new level of athletic performance.

The distinctive shoulder line gives further emphasis to the wheels and, in combination with the side air intakes, to the mid-engine layout. Such features are reminiscent of the 718 RS 60 Spyder, a lightweight mid-engined sports car that achieved success in endurance racing and hillclimbing championships alike.

Precise lines, which run elegantly across the wings to the rear, make the Boxster unique among Porsche models. While its overall look is just as imposing, its lines are more sharply defined than on any Porsche we’ve seen before.

The exclusive door styling reflects more recent Porsche design developments. In typical Porsche fashion, it has a clear function. The dynamic contouring improves airflow to the side air intakes.

At the top, it leads into a precise longitudinal edge and, at the bottom, it is underlined by the sculpted door sill. The exterior mirrors are mounted directly on the doors for impressive aerodynamics and low wind noise.

The rear wing is not only a visual treat, it deploys automatically to reduce lift. Aerodynamics and aesthetics are combined to superb effect. Retracted, the spoiler separation edge makes a seamless transition to the LED taillights. The narrow direction indicators appear to extend the rear wing further. Each taillight sweeps around the central brake light and accentuates the contours of the entire unit. For striking effect, the reversing light and rear fog light are arranged in the middle underneath the rear wing. Clearly, this lighting concept has no precedent, rather it is the result of Porsche’s modern use of form.

The diffuser with stainless-steel tailpipe (dual-tube on the Boxster S) integrated into the centre adds the finishing touch to the powerfully designed rear end. In summary, the Boxster draws inspiration from a long history and, yet, it also incorporates the sum of our ideas of how the future should be. In doing so, it reflects a completely new interpretation of the roadster concept – with a clear focus on looking forward.