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Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet - Online services

Online services

Online services*

The free AHA Radio app enables you to listen to internet radio, news feeds, podcasts and audiobooks on the PCM via your smartphone. You can also receive local information, e.g. weather reports, in the form of voice announcements. Points of Interest can be searched for and then transferred to the navigation system as destinations. Internet content is received via your smartphone but you operate everything from the PCM. Online services can only be used in conjunction with the standard-fitted universal audio interface (iPhone) or the optional mobile phone preparation or telephone module (Android phones). The AHA Radio app can be obtained from iTunes and the Android Marketplace.**

* Available from November 2012 at the earliest.

** In order to use AHA Radio services with the optional telephone module, the HFP function must be activated in PCM.