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Porsche - Philosophy


You won't be able to sleep the night before.
You won't want to sleep the night after.

Taking delivery of a Porsche from the factory wasn't unusual in the past – after all, the small number of dealers practically left no alternative. Today, factory collection is part of the philosophy and is even the express wish of many customers. They want to be present when their dream car is brought to life.

An unforgettable experience: collecting the new Porsche at its place of birth while feeling the fascination of Porsche at first hand.

In Zuffenhausen. In Leipzig. This is where the Porsche legend lives on – authentically, fascinatingly, and palpably. Both places create more than just peak technological achievements. Here, every day, we live and breathe pure passion, enthusiasm and dedication to pleasure. And we make no secret of this, rather we offer it openly for everyone who shares our passion.

Your new Porsche is a 911 or a Boxster? Or maybe a Cayman? The heart of your new Porsche beats in Zuffenhausen. What could be more exciting than to go directly there and then bring the car to life?

You’ve chosen a new Cayenne or perhaps a Carrera GT? Then you shouldn't miss the opportunity to collect your vehicle from the factory in Leipzig. You should allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy the day to the full.

So that you can be the first to take your Porsche to where it belongs: out on the road.