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Porsche - Principle 4

Principle 4

The long service life of our products is an essential part of the Porsche concept. This is one way in which we make an active contribution to the economic interaction with resources and energy.

Porsche has long recognised the significance of resource preservation and presented a study on the issue of long-life vehicles as early as 1973. The knowledge we have gained has informed our introduction of hot-galvanised bodywork and the extension of our corrosion protection warranty to 10 years. This hot-galvanised body technology, used for the first time by Porsche, has since been adopted by other car manufacturers.

While more than two thirds of the over a million Porsche sports cars builtover the last 50 years are still being driven, Porsche is committed to ensure that those that do reach the end of their lives are disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. To that end, Porsche has an agreement with Autogreen. They may be contacted via their helpline:
0800-5422002 or website: www.autogreen.org.uk

Equally relevant to the protection of the environment are the stipulated service and exchange intervals. In all Porsche models, engine oil, air and particle filters need not be replaced for 20,000 km. Oil filters and spark plugs are replaced every 40,000 km and the fuel filter and gear oil are changed every 80,000 km. The coolant never needs changing in the Boxster, the 911 Carrera and the Cayenne.