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Porsche - Principle 3

Principle 3

We not only develop environmentally low-impact products and manufacturing processes, we are also constantly revaluating their environmental sustainability.

For Porsche AG, protecting the environment to the highest possible degree, including in our production methods, has been taken for granted for years. This relates to the contractually agreed phased plan for reducing harmful emissions from the paint shop, reducing noise, avoiding waste, cleaning waste water, minimising energy use and soil protection.

Environmental aspects also led to the decision to use the innovative LOKASIL coating process for the alloy crankcase of the Boxster and the 911.

In the machining of the cylinder crankcase discernible energy savings are made in comparison to grey cast iron or high silicon-content aluminum alloys. The extended service lives of the tools employed also has positive effects on the environment. The new technology has also enabled us to abandon the chemical etching process. The swarf produced from the mechanical finishing can be completely recycled.