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Porsche - Principle 1

Principle 1

We develop, produce, sell and service high quality exclusive sports cars with superior driving characteristics and incorporating high levels of environmental and safety technology.
The third series Cayenne is a new exclusive all-terrain vehicle within the product range that also will comply with the stated requirements and exert the great fascination of all the models.

Since 1966 Porsche has carried out development work in the area of reducing harmful substances. On 11th May 1966 the first official European emissions test approved by the US environmental authority, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) was carried out on the rolling test rig at Porsche. Since that time, Porsche has been and is in many ways the forerunner in the introduction of new exhaust gas techniques into vehicle construction.

Long before the introduction of compulsory catalytic converters in the European Union, Porsche supplied the majority of the vehicles it produced with a catalytic converter – in 1987, for instance, the figure was 85 percent.

Porsche was also the first manufacturer worldwide to fit racing cars with catalytic converters. Our company’s "944 Turbo Cup" series demonstrated as early as 1987 that high-performance racing cars could also be environmentally friendly. This development is at its peak in the harmful substances reduction technology in the Porsche 911 Turbo, the Boxster and the 911. Porsche high performance engines comfortably comply with all existing worldwide and exhaust standards as well as most of those planned for the future.

The efforts of our company are not only aimed at realising the highest environmental standards in Porsche sports vehicles for the road. We also consider the environment of our factory plant. Our production site at Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen borders on a residential area. That means that we have to make particular efforts to comply with harmful substance and noise emission, water and soil protection and safety requirements. The production of Porsche sports cars in Stuttgart is recognised as being exemplary the world over.

The same standards are naturally also applied to the production of all-terrain vehicles in Leipzig. Our new production centre lies in a formerly rural area and for this reason also, all environmental principles and guidelines which Porsche has adopted must be implemented.