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Porsche - Guideline 2

Guideline 2

Our production centres are equipped and run along as environmentally friendly lines as possible. Environmental impacts are regularly determined and appraised.

Effective environmental protection also requires modern, environmentally friendly technology to be employed in production. Over recent years noise loads have been reduced considerably in the bodyshell assembly area. This affects both the workers in the factory and those living nearby. Cascades and water recirculation systems have been integrated into the paint shop systems to cut down on fresh water consumption. The implementation of measures described earlier reduced organic solvent levels in the exhaust air to below statutory limits.

In the engine assembly area, the high quality standards we have set go hand-in-hand with high standards of environmental protection. All engines are tested for performance and exhaust gas characteristics on the engine test rigs. By fitting not just engines, but also engine test beds with catalytic converters, the emissions values in the exhaust gas that is fed out of the factory fall well below the statutory limits. The substitution of solvent-based glues has greatly reduced the solvent levels in the vehicle assembly area.