August / September 2008

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Feeling at Home

On the road in the new 911––that doesn’t always mean a long trip. We’ll take you on an urban test-drive of the new generation of this classic sports car, right at Porsche’s front door: a rollercoaster ride called Stuttgart.

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Stronger and More Efficient

Environmental compatibility and improved performance have been combined in the new 911. Direct fuel injection and the Porsche double-clutch transmission are the secret.

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Taking the High Road

Digging for roots at Porsche’s sixtieth birthday––its historic sports cars are the best way to do that, and the Grossglockner Alpine Road is the best place.

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Playing (and Working) to Win

The Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart is marked in red on the calendars of the world’s best women pros. The tournament also offers them some rare moments of enjoyment.

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Green Light for Stuttgart Racing

At its Le Mans premiere, the RS Spyder wins a class victory straight off. And on the Nürburgring, the Porsche customer teams drive to a triple victory in the 24-hour race.

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China Express

When it comes to speed, this summer’s Olympic athletes have nothing on the people of Beijing. The sleeping dragon has awakened to a world of mobility––and Porsche is right there.

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News: Revving Up Again: Wolfgang Porsche Turns 65

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News: First Place for the Fourth Time in a Row

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News: Strong and Innovative

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News: Enterprising Spirit

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