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Porsche Sport Driving School

40 Years Celebration

40 Years of Porsche Sport Driving School

1974. A very special year. It saw the launch of the 911 Turbo. A sports car with such incredible power that the press at the time described it as ‘madness on wheels’. Back then, it set the benchmark for maximum performance. A benchmark against which we continue to measure ourselves today – and one that we’re continually striving to improve upon.

In the slipstream of the 911 Turbo, another great concept was on course for success. After all, maximum performance is about more than horsepower and torque alone. To harness raw power, you not only need advanced technology. You also need finely honed driving techniques. To push the limits, you firstly have to explore your own – just like the owners of the new 911 Turbo. The idea of providing these drivers with the tools to enjoy the capability of this athletic sports car to the full formed the cornerstone of the Porsche Sport Driving School.


What started out as an opening event at the Hockenheimring – supported by Porsche AG engineers – soon began to attract more and more followers who wanted to go increasingly faster. On some of the most famous racetracks around the world – and off the beaten track. Even on snow and ice. In short: wherever your heart desires.

Maximum performance. Our benchmark for 40 years. Today, Porsche Sport Driving School Germany offers national and international training events at 10 to 12 different racetracks and circuits every season, employing approximately 120 Porsche instructors worldwide. We also offer our standardised training courses in 14 other international markets. All with the same goal in mind: handing over the reins to you, and showing you how to use them.


40 Years of Porsche Sport Driving School. Many good reasons to celebrate.

Further Information about the 40 Years Anniversary Drive you find here.

Porsche - 40 Years Celebration
Porsche - 40 Years Celebration