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Engineered body design and active bonnet system Panamera Turbo Executive

Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive - Engineered body design and active bonnet system

Engineered body design and active bonnet system

Engineered body design

The lightweight bodyshell construction, made from super-high-strength steels, stainless steel, magnesium and aluminium, ensures a low overall weight. It also produces a highly resilient passenger cell that offers high levels of protection in the event of an impact. The system of longitudinal and transverse members at the front absorbs deformation energy and disperses the forces, thereby minimising deformation of the interior. In addition, passive safety is further enhanced by the front axle aluminium subframe, which is designed to deform in a defined manner. A rigid bulkhead cross member reduces deformation of the footwell in the event of an impact and provides improved protection for the feet and legs. In a minor collision, a system of easily replaceable impact absorbers prevents costly damage to the underlying bodyshell.

Active bonnet system

The active bonnet system is designed with enhanced pedestrian safety in mind. The moment the sensors in the front apron detect a collision, this pyrotechnically assisted system raises the rear portion of the bonnet, which can help to reduce the risk of injury.