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Adaptive air suspension Panamera 4S Executive

Porsche Panamera 4S Executive - Adaptive air suspension
Model shown: Panamera S E-Hybrid

Adaptive air suspension

Adaptive air suspension enhances both driving dynamics and comfort at the same time. It comprises a levelling system, a manual lift function, ride-height adjustment capability and the ability to vary the spring rate.

The purpose of the levelling system is to keep the vehicle level constant automatically, regardless of load distribution. For manoeuvring, the manual lift function enables you to raise the vehicle body by 20 mm to avoid the risk of grounding.

When you select the SPORT PLUS chassis programme, the ride height drops to ‘low level’ (– 25 mm, or – 15 mm in the Panamera GTS). At the same time, a harder spring rate is achieved through a reduction in the amount of air stored in the air suspension. In simple terms, it’s a sports chassis at the push of a button.

Standard for the Panamera S E-Hybrid, Panamera GTS and Panamera Turbo, optional for the other models.